Monday, April 13, 2009

Changes to my blog...

I've given this some thought and read a lot of blogs. The one's I've liked best focus on the topic of my interest. Looking hard at my blog here, I haven't done that. It's hard for people to decide they want to follow your blog and read what you write if they aren't sure of the subject matter each time they return.
My solution seems simple to me. This blog, Mysilverstreak, will stay here, but it will focus more on me and the Silver Streak, aka my motorcycle. I have some ideas for posts about how I chose my bike, how I learned to ride, places I go, things I learn each time I ride.

My other big interest is gardening, and I've made a new blog to write about that. It's called 'Grubbling Zone 5.' The URL is I will continue the saga of the daylilies there, and what progress I've made with my vegetable gardening.

I think this change will give folks better motivation to come back and maybe comment on progress. Hope to hear from you one place or the other.

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