Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I am SOOO glad we are past the longest night of the year here!
It won't be long until the Silver Streak roars out of the garage once again, all clean and shiny with a belly full of fresh oil and sweet gasoline, and the wind burning my cheeks. Until then, there's socks to knit and gardens to plan. OHHH, and a new set of handle bars to install and tweak!!!! Wrenching is the only good thing about winter.

Right now I've got an Alpaca fiber sock on my sticks, tiny, tiny stitches...but wonderfully warm. It's just natural off-white colored, but I will dye it and it's future partner with kool-aide when they are done. Kool-aide makes brilliant colors.

We're getting seed and plant catalogs in the mail, which I love. One is from Jung's Garden Center here in Wisconsin. They have a wide variety of plants specially suited for cold weather. We've also received a catalog from Dutch Gardens and a card from Michigan Bulb. I saved all of the melon seeds from the awesome melons we grew last year in about 3 square feet of dirt next to the house, which yielded 6 melons worth eating. At a price of about $3 each in the store, that's $18.00, and definitely worth my time. I didn't save seed from the bland melons. 
Cable guy is here to give us better tv so I'm done here.